13 days ago, on Friday the 30th of September, I had no idea that would be the last time we would see our beautiful Great Pyrenees, Macha.  She was there when I left the house to take the girls to school, but not too much later than that, it seems that she and our other dog escaped through a hole in the fence – there was a plank missing – and ran through our neighbors’ yard to another hole in THEIR fence, to still another neighbors’ yard and then out an open gate.

I drove all over the neighborhood, I called their names, I asked everybody I saw about them.  A couple of people had reported seeing her (a large, white, fluffy dog like that is fairly distinctive), but I didn’t get any reports on the male dog (a black and brown shepherd / lab mix).  I dreaded telling my children about this when I picked them up to take them home to a house with no dogs.  We looked and looked some more, and called and called their names, but to no avail.  I had two very sad little girls to deal with that night.  The loss was made even sharper by the fact that one of our 3 cats had gone missing just over a month before…

On Saturday, I took a trip to the shelter, but I didn’t see either dog.  I found out that my neighborhood has a Yahoo Group, and I joined it.  I bought posterboard to make signs.  On Sunday, amazingly enough, I found the male dog at the shelter – I was told that he’d been there since Friday (I’m not sure HOW I missed seeing him on Saturday!).  While we were happy to have him home safely, it still just wasn’t the same without our girl.

I’ve made several more trips to the shelter in the past 2 weeks, I’ve put up signs, I’ve posted on Craigslist, I’ve scoured the neighborhood Yahoo Group (in fact, that’s where I received the latest report of her, from about 5:30pm on the day that she went missing).  I’ve called 311 and inquired if Solid Waste Services keeps a record of the animal bodies they pick up (they do, they’re supposed to call me back “within 2 business days”).  I left a message with the Great Pyrenees Rescue organization.  I think we’ve all just about lost hope that she’ll ever return to us.

Sometimes, it’s hard to provide the example to my children that life goes on, even in the midst of challenges, even in the midst of loss.  But at least I’m comfortable that they know I’ve done just about everything I could possibly do to find out for sure what happened.  Sometimes there are no answers.  But life goes on, just the same.  We will always have our memories of her, no matter what else happens.  And those memories will always be Joyful ones.  ❤