I got to be a chaperone for my 4th grader’s field trip today.  We went to a local education center to learn about the river that runs through our fair city, the water cycle, the importance of conservation and how pollution affects the water supply.  We learned why we build dams to help control the water supply, provide electricity and mitigate flood damage when possible.  All 4 of the learning modules were conducted outdoors, and the weather was absolutely PERFECT!  After such a scorching Summer, today’s delightfully Fall feeling was most welcome, and the recent (and also very welcome!) rain had reinvigorated many of the plants in their beautifully landscaped gardens.

Being that we’re right in the middle of October, there were lots of lovely Monarch butterflies drifting through the garden as they migrated back to Mexico.  I find it amazing that such fragile creatures as these can make such a long and arduous trek, and I really enjoyed watching them flit among the flowers, resting and nourishing themselves for a while.  I think I could have sat and watched them for much longer than I did – the sight of them was very Pleasing, and I felt very Happy just knowing these beautiful creatures exist.