I can’t believe it’s been 18 days since my last post.  I was writing so regularly there for a bit, it’s a weird thought that I let it slide like that.  So what have I been doing for 18 days that kept me away from my blog?!

I helped sell tickets at my younger daughter’s elementary school carnival, then attended a Hallowe’en party that same evening.  I carved Jack O’Lanterns with my kids.  I took my kids Trick or Treating (wherein they got a HUGE amount of candy), wondering how much longer it will be that my older daughter wants to participate in that kind of fun.  I had dinner with two friends from the Austin Civic Orchestra before rehearsal.  I attended a delicious Luncheon with The Fabulous Working Ladies of Austin.  I attended a TwitSavvy Meetup to help me learn more about using Twitter in a smart way.  I went to see a Dress Rehearsal for The Magic Flute, presented by The Austin Lyric Opera.  I spent some time with a remarkable woman who is an acquaintance that I would love to see turn into a Friend.  I played a Dress Rehearsal one night and a Concert the next with the Austin Civic Orchestra. I’ve seen a couple of hypnosis clients and sold some Mary Kay products.  I took my kids to their Friday night rehearsal with Theatrikids.

So yeah, I’ve been busy, although that’s not really anything unusual for me.  What’s been unusual is that I have spent a lot less time than “usual” on the computer.  I haven’t kept up with Facebook or Twitter, I haven’t really done much in the way of e-mail, and I certainly haven’t been on here working on my blog OR my website.  Part of me has really missed being “connected” like that, but the rest of me really hasn’t.  It’s been almost liberating.  I’ve actually enjoyed cutting the cord for a few days.  But now I’m back, and feeling a need to write, so my next post shouldn’t take so long to write…