Sometimes, when I’m browsing around on Twitter, or elsewhere on the Internet, I see something that really touches and inspires me.  A few days ago, I liked the quote from Dr. Lissa Rankin that inspired my last post about Pain.  Yesterday, Dr. Rankin posted a quote that caught my eye, and a link, which I followed.

Here’s the quote: “The way to expand your joy is by expanding your capacity for discomfort and failure.”

And here’s the link (be prepared for “adult” language and a lengthy post, but it’s worth it!):

Wow.  Just, wow.  While Johnny B. Truant is perhaps a bit more long-winded than most bloggers I read, I really loved what he was saying in that post.  And in every other post of his that I’ve read so far.  I feel like he has personally kicked my butt and issued a challenge that I can no longer ignore.

You see, a few weeks ago, when I just started this little blog/adventure/experiment of mine, I had in mind that I would write a post about Fear and Procrastination.  I’ve been meaning to get around to writing that post, honestly, but, well, I haven’t.  I don’t think this is going to be that post, and now that I’ve read Johnny Truant’s post, I’m not sure I need to write it.  Besides, if I’m writing that post (or any other post), I’m not out there pushing my boundaries, facing my fears and setting myself up for disappointment, discomfort, awkwardness and pain.