Today’s topic is “Where would I like to be in 10 years?”

I’d like to be financially secure and well-off. Both of my daughters should have graduated high school by then, will possibly both be in college, and will possibly be living on their own. While a decent chunk of my income will likely still be heading in their direction, I’m hoping that more of it will be available to me for investing, saving, spending and playing.

I’d like to be living in my dream house, which will be something I’ve helped to design and build myself. My home is spacious and comfortable, intimate and inviting, my cozy sanctuary and a place where I can eagerly welcome friends and family. I live far enough away from town that I have space to spread out over several acres and close enough that I don’t feel isolated from my social circles.

I’d like to be a seasoned traveler at that point, domestically as well as internationally. There are so many places in this world that I’d love to see, and to share with my daughters!

You might ask “what is the vehicle that will get you there?” And I would have to say “that is a very good question!”

One viable vehicle is Mary Kay. Of course, I’d have to sell a LOT of lipstick to earn the kind of living I want, but a more lucrative path than strictly selling Mary Kay skin care and cosmetics is Leadership, and that’s where I want to go.

I’ve already started building a team of Consultants, and I’m thrilled to have them join me on this journey. I’m aiming to earn the status of Director, but I don’t intend to stop there! Once I become a Director, my goal will be to develop other Directors and to eventually become a National Sales Director.

The NSD position is where the financial security is found – after retirement at age 65, an NSD has a GUARANTEED income for 15 years, and if she dies, that income is still paid to her family. That’s a retirement plan I’d love to have in place.

It’s ALL about helping and serving others! As a Consultant, I help women find skin care and beauty solutions. As a Team Builder, I help women find a source of additional income, help them develop as a person and as a business-woman. As a Leader, I help women learn to pass it on, to make a difference in their own lives, in the lives of their families, and in the lives of their own customers and team members.

Will that be my only vehicle? I don’t know! My Coach, Dana Minney, has challenged me to “be outrageous and famous!” I can probably handle outrageous, as nearly anybody who knows me can tell you… But famous? I’m not sure I know much about that!

Will I / can I become “famous” within 10 years? I know I don’t especially want the kind of fame I see happening to celebrities, but I think I could handle the kind of Rock Star treatment I see being given to the Mary Kay NSDs…! Vicki Flaugher (who was a huge source of inspiration for me to start writing this blog / website) has an e-book on being “Famous In Your Niche.” That’s the kind of fame I’d like to have – recognition for being among the very best in my chosen field!