Today is Thanksgiving, and the topic is: Favorite Comfort Foods and Why?

I’ve got several different kind of comfort foods (and beverages).  In winter, when it’s cold, I love a good hot bowl of soup.  Some favorites include: tomato soup (with a grilled cheese sandwich), vegetable beef with barley, bean soup (which I usually make with chunks of ham, onion and tomato), and a fairly recent addition, Tom Ka (a Thai soup with a coconut base – it’s sweet, spicy, savory and salty all in one, and I like to say it’ll kill what ails ya).  I also love hot beverages such as hot cocoa, hot tea, chai latte, hot spiced cider, hot buttered rum, and of course, coffee.

In summer, I love Texas barbeque.  That, to me, means brisquet, although I do like a good, tender bbq chicken.  Naturally, this must be washed down with either sweet iced tea or cold beer.

Generally speaking, I love pasta dishes.  A big plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce and a thick slice of garlic bread is a true delight to me, and the drink of choice is a nice red wine.  And sushi is a perennial favorite as well accompanied by sake – either hot (filtered) or cold (unfiltered).

At this time of year, I revel in the traditional dishes that my family always serves at Thanksgiving.  I always loved my grandmother’s cornbread dressing, so I got her recipe, and I make it every year.  To me, it is the perfect accompaniment to the turkey.  Come Christmas, though, I prefer ham, and I always make sure to eat my black eyed peas on New Year’s Day.

I really do try NOT to eat for comfort, but these familiar and favorite foods and drinks do bring me a certain amount of comfort when I consume them – whether it’s through the sensation of taste or the observation of a family tradition or the simple warmth of coffee mug on a cold day.