This can get a little complex, as anybody who studies Astrology can tell you…

My sun sign (the one most people talk about when they answer this question) is Cancer.  This traditionally makes me a bit of a homebody, with a nurturing character, very loyal and prone to sentimentality.  Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, and is ruled by the Moon.

Don’t think the irony of that escapes me, that my sun sign is ruled by the Moon.  To make it even more amusing, my moon sign is Leo, which is ruled by the Sun!  It would seem that I’m a bit turned around here and there…  Moon in Leo means I like being the center of attention – who, me???  Okay, yeah, I do, I can’t lie about that.

To make things even MORE interesting, we have to look at the Chinese zodiac, in which I was born in the year of the Dragon (to be specific, a Wood Dragon, since the Chinese zodiac rotates through the 12 signs every 12 years, but also assigns each year one of 5 Elements [Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth], taking 60 years for a full cycle).  The Dragon is the mightiest and luckiest of the Chinese signs, adventurous, creative and passionate.

Now, the question becomes: do I believe in any of this stuff?  A little yes and a little no.  I mean, I do possess those characteristics, but I’ve also seen descriptions of both Cancers and Dragons (and even one very clever book which detailed each of the possible 144 combinations of Eastern and Western astrological signs) that contain things that I do NOT agree with.  It’s fun and entertaining, it’s even occasionally spookily accurate, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to consult an astrologer (or especially a printed horoscope) prior to making a decision.