Today’s topic is supposed to be a moment when I felt most satisfied in my life.

Hmmm.  I can think of a few.  The first time I bought my very own brand new car.  The day I signed my name a gazillion times to buy my own house.  At the end of successfully playing a particularly beautiful, or moving, or difficult piece of music with my orchestra.

I think, though, my favorite satisfied memory would have to be holding my newborn first child.  There was so much infinite possibility and hope in that moment.  I was surrounded by friends and family, and there, nestled in my arms was the most beautiful, perfect, amazing little human being, embarking on her life’s journey.  I had loved every single moment of being pregnant – I truly surprised myself about that one – and my labor and delivery was actually a rather quick and easy one (five and a half hours, from start to finish).

Holding my second child for the first time was nearly as exhilarating, although by the time she entered the world a little after 3 in the morning after six and a half hours of labor, I was really rather exhausted and just ready to go to sleep.  Very little else in my life has proved to be as satisfying (and frustrating, in equal measure) as being a Mother to these two intelligent, curious, active and stubborn children.  I can’t imagine my life without them!!!