If I could have any job, what would it be?

Well, see, that’s a problem, because I don’t really WANT a “job.”  I’ve proven (or had proven to me, perhaps) time and time again that I just don’t seem to be cut out to be an employee.  Nearly every job I’ve had in the technical sector has ended with me being laid off, or the contract wasn’t renewed, or it just flat out got canceled.  Several other jobs worked out in the same way.  The longest I’ve ever stayed employed by the same company was about three and a half years, and I managed that three times.  I actually enjoyed all three of those jobs for different reasons, but the last one was by far my favorite – I answered an ad for a hypnotist at a weight loss center (“will train!”).  I didn’t actually get the job when I originally applied – they opted for someone with more experience than I had – but about 8 months later when that person left, they called me back and asked if I was still interested.  It was a small company – I think the largest we ever got was a total of 13 people on staff, including the owners – and we felt like family.

But from the day I started training there, I had a vision to be self-employed.  I think I’ve always felt more like an entrepreneur than an employee, but I never had any idea about how to BE one (or what to DO), so I never really did anything about it.

Well before I started working there, I became a Customer and a Marketing Executive with a company called Melaleuca.  I never got very good at the Network Marketing gig, but 10 years later I’m still using their environmentally safe and cost-effective products in my home.  I had very high hopes for that “job,” and I put in a lot of work.  I built a small team, and I still have a very small residual income every month, which is kind of nice.  But I got a taste for being my own boss, and I definitely got a taste for residual income and multiple income streams…

Being a hypnotist has been the most rewarding job/career/vocation I could imagine – and I found that it was just as rewarding (although in a completely different way) as playing music (whether I got paid to do that or not, although there’s a LOT to be said for getting paid to do something you LOVE to do…).  I’m glad I sought further, more advanced training, and I enjoy working freelance now.  Although I need a lot more expertise with marketing and sales…

You might not guess this if you don’t know me personally, but I rather enjoy being the center of attention.  I’d really love to combine that enjoyment with my love of hypnosis and develop a Stage Hypnosis show.

I also realized, while watching Krish Dhanam speak at the Get Motivated! Seminar the other day, that I want to do what he does – speak, amuse, inspire and bless people.  I really loved his energy, his delivery, and his message.  I’m just not sure I have a message within me with the potential to be as as powerful as his.  I feel like Centered in Joy has a great deal of potential, and I have these sort-of-rather-vague ideas about products (like books, seminars, webinars, etc), but no real clue about where to start with any of it (other than this blog right here and now).

And then there’s my Mary Kay business, which I also enjoy very much.  I just gained my third Team Member, which officially qualifies me to wear the coveted Red Jacket (first step towards Leadership), and I’m very excited about that!  I ordered my jacket on Tuesday, and I hope it arrives by Saturday morning, because we’ve got a big training / meeting going on then and I’d like to wear it for the first time!!!  If all goes according to my desires here, and I achieve the National Sales Director position, I’ll be on a large stage (metaphorically AND literally) with the opportunity to do exactly what I was talking about in the previous paragraph.

So, if I could have any job in the world, what would it be?  Essentially what I’m doing now, only… MORE.  BIGGER.  BETTER.  I want to help every person in this world learn to find their center, whatever it might be.  Mine is Joy, and I would love for everybody else to at least be able to live Joyfully.  But someone else might be Centered in Love.  Or Centered in Truth.  Or Centered in Beauty.  Or any one of about 7 BILLION other things, each one as unique as each of us.