Today’s challenge is to bullet my day.  I have so many different kinds of days – some much busier than others, and some where I don’t have to do anything or be anywhere.  I thought I’d post one of my busiest days lately – this past Tuesday.

7:00 – Wake the kids up, cajole them into getting out of bed (repeatedly), prepare their lunches for the day, get myself dressed, make sure they’ve got everything they need prior to leaving the house

7:30 – Leave the house, get in the car, drive to elementary school to drop off younger daughter

7:45 – Drop off younger daughter with a kiss, head to South Austin to drop off older daughter at middle school (I usually drop her at the bus stop just a few blocks from the elementary school, but this morning I have a Mary Kay delivery to make in South Austin, so I might as well take her in and spend a few extra minutes with her

8:10 – Made really good time getting down South – she’d likely have just gotten on the bus about 5 minutes ago and wouldn’t be arriving at school for another 45 minutes or so

8:30 – Arrive at Starbucks to make Mary Kay delivery, sit and drink a cup of coffee while checking email, Twitter, etc to wait for traffic to calm down a bit

9:00 – Arrive at Mom’s, take a shower, get dressed, put on makeup

10:30 – Drop off a pair of boots at Austin Shoe Hospital (needs new heel caps)

10:45 – Browsing for a white turtleneck at Ross Dress For Less, also shoes, belts, etc.

12:15 – Getting overwhelmed with accessories at Sam Moon

1:30 – Short lunch at How Do You Roll? a maki sushi bar

2:15 – Making a deposit at the bank

2:30 – Buying dog food at PetSmart

2:45 – Picking up younger daughter and 2 friends at elementary school

3:00 – Back to Mom’s with daughter and friends for a playdate

5:00 – Leave daughter at Mom’s, heading home to drop off dog food and pick up cello for orchestra rehearsal tonight

5:45 – Making a deposit at the other bank

6:00 – Meeting stand partner for dinner prior to orchestra rehearsal

7:10 – Arriving at rehearsal venue

9:20 – Leaving rehearsal venue to head home for the night, helping older daughter figure out homework problem

12:00 – Sleep