Today I’m supposed to write about a place I ‘d like to live or visit.

I’ve lived in Austin, TX my entire life, and I really love it here (unless I’m trying to get across town at rush hour).  I can’t imagine living anywhere else…

Now visiting, that’s an entirely different thing.  I want to go everywhere.  I want to rent an RV and spend an entire summer driving all over the country with my kids – from sea to shining sea – stopping wherever we feel like it, visiting friends and family, completely unfettered and unscheduled.  I want to take them to Europe and go everywhere by rail, looking at ancient ruins, admiring architecture that was old before America was born, visiting art museums, eating in sidewalk cafes, discovering local musicians.  I want to visit the southern hemisphere and see a whole new night sky open up to us as we explore Africa, South America, Australia.  And I won’t leave out Asia, either.


There are so many natural wonders in this world, so many different cultures to experience and learn from.  I’ve never had an opportunity to do much traveling, but I’d really love to change that.  Still as much as I enjoy travelling, I always love coming back home to Austin.