I’m supposed to chronicle the highs and lows of my year today.

I don’t like to dwell on lows, since I do believe that what you focus on tends to stick around and even multiply, but certainly one of the things that has contributed to the lows in the past year has been financial stress.  I’m *NOT* at a point (yet!) where I can consider myself financially independent, so there are definitely certain choices that are not readily available to me in my life at this time.

I’ve had a number of highs, though, including making some new wonderful friendships that I look forward to deepening and strengthening in the next many years.  I feel stronger as a musician, more confident as a hypnotist, and more willing to reach out to people when it becomes (sometimes painfully) obvious that I can’t do it all on my own…

I became a Mary Kay Consultant in mid-January this past year, and this has opened up the wonderful world of GIRLFRIENDS to me.  I’ve always gotten along much easier with men than with women, and I’m only now realizing what a rich realm I’ve been mostly missing.  All 3 of my current Consultants are terrific women whom I’ve known for many years, but had either lost touch with or never really got to know as well as I have now.  I’m so blessed by my Director, Nancy North, and my Consultants, Marcia Gillespie-Norder, Sandie Smith and Monica Howell…!

The wife of a dear friend (former boyfriend, actually) opened her home to me for a Mary Kay party, and introduced me to some of her friends, one of which was her coach, and who has since become my coach (and also a customer and a friend as well).  While I had spent a little time with Maureen Haskell, in the company of her husband, I hadn’t really had a chance to get to know her very well prior to Mary Kay.  And Dana Minney, our coach, has allowed me to believe that who I am and what I have to share with the world truly is special and worthwhile.  She has also opened my eyes to the true nature of Sales as a form of Service to others.  Because of this, I’m less uncomfortable with the idea of being “in sales.”  I’m still working on being truly comfortable with it.

At one of my Mary Kay training sessions, I met a Social Media genius, the fabulous Joey McGirr, and started attending some of his Meetups to learn more about leveraging Social Media for businesses.  At the first one I attended, I met an amazingly energetic young woman, Erin Byrne, who runs a kids theater group.  She and I have become friends and share a mutual admiration and enthusiasm for life that makes me smile whenever I think about her.

At the second Joey training I attended, I met a very Smart Woman (Vicki Flaugher, and @SmartWoman is her Twitter handle) who invited me to look inward and find the common ingredient in my several various ventures – and that’s when Centered In Joy was born!

So I have many, many highs to celebrate this past year, and I’m looking forward to many, many more in the coming year!