Today I’m supposed write about my biggest regret.

I’ve been giving this some thought (a few days worth, actually), because although I have certainly made (more than) my share of mistakes in this life, I have to acknowledge that everything I’ve said, done and experienced has contributed to my current self and existence, and for the most part, I’m REALLY HAPPY with who I am and where I am in my life!

Could things be “better”?  In some ways, yes.  I could be more financially stable, for sure.  I’d really like to be able to feel like I can pay all my bills, invest for the future, put a little aside in savings and still be able to have some “mad money” in order to have fun with my girls and/or my friends.  I hate the feeling of living from paycheck to paycheck and wondering if I’m going to have to choose between running water, heat or communication (cell phone and/or internet, both of which I need for business).  Somehow, things always seem to work out, but sometimes it’s “just barely.”

There was a time when I regretted not continuing with my college education and getting a degree.  But as I look  back at my original plan to be a music teacher, I really don’t regret not getting that Music Education degree.  Nor do I really regret not taking any more classes in computer programming.  And while the subject of Psychology was entirely fascinating to me (and the classes I took have been useful in my work as a Hypnotist), I didn’t really wish to delve much more deeply into it than I did.  So educationally, no regrets.

I’ve never regretted staying in Austin – I really just love this town, and I enjoy being physically close to my mother in case she needs anything.

I think the biggest regrets I have would have to be all the times I made a choice that I knew had the serious potential to cause pain to someone I cared about.