Also Happy Yule and Happy Hannukah!

I have friends of many different faiths, and I like to respect all the various celebrations they each choose at this time of year (and throughout the year).  My Pagan friends wonder why I celebrate Christmas.  And my Christian family sometimes wonders why I celebrate Yule.  My answer is that to me, all celebrations are equal.  The Pagans celebrate the birth of the Sun God, and the Christians are celebrating the birth of the Son of God.  To me, they are equally beautiful and valid celebrations of the return of the Light to a darkened world.  As for the Jewish Hannukah, it is also a celebration of Light in the Darkness, and I think we can ALL do with a bit more (or a LOT more) light in our lives.

Literal or figurative, Light is essential to us all.  Even those organisms who are born, live their entire lives, and die in the darkness of a cave or at the deepest depths of the sea, are still dependent on the fact that the sun is shining somewhere, providing life-giving warmth and sustenance to other organisms and processes that eventually trickle down into the depths and into the impenetrable darkness.

And so with all of you, of every faith and of no faith, I joyfully celebrate the re-birth of the Light at this time of year.

To any friends, family and readers in the Southern Hemisphere, you are just now entering the time of year where the Light will become dimmer and shorter through the next 6 months, and I celebrate with equal joy the fact that you are also participating in the dance of Light and Dark, Birth, Death and Rebirth, albeit in a different manner and timeframe than we in the Northern Hemisphere.  Kinda like Ginger Rodgers dancing with Fred Astaire – she did everything he did, but backwards and in high heels!  It’s difficult to fully appreciate the Light without the Darkness.  Balance is important.

I wish for you and yours all the best in blessings for the coming Celestial Year.  Peace, Love, Happiness, Prosperity, Health, Comfort and – yes, naturally, always – Joy.