Hrm.  I’m going to go with my Great-Grandmother here.  To be specific, my Mothers Fathers Mother.

I never met her, and I know very little about her (which sort of makes her all that more tantalizing).  I remember my Grandmother telling me about her mother-in-law, and I wish that I’d taken the time to listen more closely, and to ask more questions.  Here’s the little that I do know about her.

Her name was Anna, and she came to Texas from Germany when she was only 16.  Alone.  She sailed into the port at Galveston.  I don’t know if she already had a job lined up, or if she had to find one, but she became a nanny to the children of a physician.  Apparently, he gave his nanny access to his medical library, and she learned everything she could from those books.  She must have had some natural talent and interest in that field, because apparently in her adult life, she was known to her friends and neighbors as a healer.

I don’t know why she came here alone – whether she left family behind or if they had all died before she chose to come here – but I find that a brave and compelling choice on her part.

I don’t know how old she was when she married and started her own family, and I don’t know how old she was when she died.  Tantalizing, yes?  Just enough information to pique your interest…