There are a little more than 3 hours left in 2011 as I begin to type this.  It’s been an interesting year for me.

I started the year determined to make my various businesses sustainable so I wouldn’t have to look for a “real job.”  I can’t really say I accomplished that, although I did make some money in all three businesses.  My Mary Kay customer list has about 35 names on it, maybe 40 (I haven’t counted lately), and I deeply appreciate each and every one of them.  My team of active Consultants numbers 3, and I’ve been very proudly wearing my Official Red Jacket ever since I got it!  Apparently, I represent the top 5% of the company with this status, and I look forward to developing a larger Customer base as well as a larger Team in the coming year!

Here I am (in the middle) at an exclusive Red Jacket Luncheon with the two other women in my Unit, Mandy and Tina, who earned their Red Jackets about the same time I did (and that cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory was YUMMY!):

And here I am at my official Red Jacket Debut with my Director, Nancy (the other woman in red) and 2 of my 3 fabulous Team Members, Marcia and Monica:

I played lots of wonderful music this year, and even auditioned for a concerto competition with my local community orchestra.  I didn’t win, but that wasn’t really the point for me – I tend to get REALLY nervous when playing solos, and I wanted to work on that.  With the help of my dear cello coach, I worked up a piece, and felt like I played the best I could.  I was relaxed, and I had fun, and THAT was the most important thing for me.  For the record, the winner of that competition was my first Mary Kay Team Member, Marcia, pictured above in the black shirt.  She and another flutist played a duet, and I can’t wait to hear them perform it with the orchestra!

My hypnosis business was slowest of all, and I’m in the process of totally revamping my website.  I had been paying way too much for hosting each month, and was simply not getting the traffic I needed.  I’m hoping that my new pages on this website will improve my traffic flow as I learn a LOT more about SEO.

I did end up looking for a “real job,” but so far nothing has come of that search.  Some weeks have found me searching much more diligently than others, but it sure gets discouraging after putting out so many resumes without getting ANY responses.  Okay, I think I got 2 or 3 responses – all in the “thank you, but…” category.  Sigh…  I choose to take that as a sign from the Universe that I’m simply NOT meant to be an employee and need to figure out a way to keep my own ship afloat.

I started working with a Coach this year, too (Dana Minney of, and I’m really looking forward to finding out how my life is going to transform in 2012.  She’s given me some interesting and challenging assignments already, and I’ve got some goals to work towards within the next 6 months.

My daughters have both reached pretty important milestones this past year.

My youngest got braces, and has handled each and every step of the process with calm and grace.  She also hit the big Double Digit milestone a few days ago – she’s now 10 years old. I think we’re both a little melancholy over that.  She seems to realize that her carefree childhood is rapidly disappearing, and perhaps it scares her a little.

My eldest elected to start wearing her contact lenses to school each day instead of her eyeglasses – this made for some rather tense mornings as I was trying to get them out the door on time and she was still struggling to get the darn things into her eyes correctly.  And she officially became a teenager only today.  Unlike her little sister, she seems only too eager to grow up a bit faster and I have to admit I rather miss my little girl.

I’m looking forward to 2012.  I have plans to make it much more prosperous (financially and otherwise) than 2011.  I’ll be sharing that journey with you here, and hoping you’ll share your stories with me, too.

Happy New Year!