So far in the New Year, I haven’t done horribly, but I can’t say I’ve done brilliantly, either.  Yesterday, I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes for a late breakfast while I was preparing the pot of bean soup I was planning for the evenign meal.  Dinner was delicious – we took the bean soup and some sourdough bread over to our friedns’ house, where they had some black eyed peas and cornbread and a salad.  I had some of the cornbread and some of the sourdough bread and some of my bean soup (with onion, tomato and ham in it), but no salad.  We also had a cup of hot wassail before we left their house, and I had a large mug of hot chai once we got back home.

Today, I had some leftover pasta with white clam sauce for lunch (no breakfast), and one of the last two cupcakes from my older daughter’s NYE birthday.  I’m having a potluck dinner with some friends this evening, and I’m not yet sure what I’m going to take.  I’m thinking I might take my black beans, cooked with onion, garlic and balsamic vinegar (yum!).

I haven’t had coffee since Saturday, and I haven’t had any sugary beverages today.  I do need to drink a lot more water, though, so I’m going to go get some right now…