I’m really not off to a good start on drinking water this year.  Frankly, it’s not something I tend to think about an awful lot.  I had a pretty nasty, persistent headache last week that wasn’t responding to either meds or sleep, and it occurred to me that dehydration might be playing a fairly significant role.  After making a point to drink plenty of water (and visit my chiropractor!), the headache went away.

This morning, I woke up with another headache, and I’m thinking once again that I need to drink a lot of water.  I really ought to be drinking about 2 litres a day, and I know that unless I really focus on that goal, it just doesn’t happen.  Most days I’m probably lucky to get even a cup of water into me.  In the past, I would have taken a headache like this (feels kind of like a sinus headache) as an excuse to grab a big cup of coffee, since coffee is a natural decongestant.  But with my resolve to reduce my sugar intake, that’s not going to happen today (in spite of the fact that my younger daughters orthdodontist appointment this afternoon is right next door to Einstein Bagels, home of my favorite coffee anytime, anywhere, their delicious Vanilla Hazelnut, mmm…).

When my clients have commented to me that they’re afraid that upping their water intake will also increase the frequency of their visits to the bathroom, I’ve been able to tell them from my own experience that it WILL increase the visits, but only for a short time.  The body adapts *very* quickly and easily to the proper levels of hydration, and soon the trips to the bathroom aren’t any more frequent than they were before the increase in water consumption.

I also tend to sneak in my fiber with my water.  I’ve discovered Benefiber, which doesn’t get all gloopy, and has no discernable taste when I add it to water.  So it’s pretty easy to increase my fiber in that fashion – as long as I’m actually drinking the water!

Another easy way for me to get fiber is to add it to a protein shake, which is often a quick and easy breakfast for me.  Breakfast is important, but it’s usually not something I take a lot of time for.  School mornings are generally just way too busy for me to worry about preparing anything for myself.  Even my kids don’t seem to want much in the way of breakfast at that hour of the morning, although I can occasionally get them to eat a breakfast bar of some sort.

I don’t usually get very fancy with the protein shakes – depending on the brand of protein powder I’m using.  With one brand, it’s add water, fiber, protein powder, mix it up with a whisk and go.  With another brand, it’s add milk, fiber, protein powder, and ice.  Toss it all in the blender, possibly with some fruit, and it’s ready to go.  My kids like the latter option better, so I’ve recently purchased more of that brand of powder, and will probably be taking a little extra time in the mornings to make sure we’re all getting a good nutritional start to the day.