I went to a seminar today, facilitated by my coach, and run by her mentor, Martin Sage of Sage University, who was attending via Skype from his home in Ibiza.  The name of the class (which continues tomorrow afternoon) is Find Your True Calling.

I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like to be in a room full of people who are so curious and open to possibility.  Almost everybody echoed the sentiment that they were looking for something more in their life, and that they felt this was going to be their year!

Martin has a gift of really seeing inside a person and helping them unlock their hidden desires, passions, and motivations.  He helps people connect their puzzle pieces with the puzzle pieces of others in the room.  He encourages people to play, to find and build teams, and to explore projects.

It seems that at least one of my passions is performing (what a shock – NOT!), and I’ve been sort of floating a project idea about somewhat casually that is actually generating a LOT of excitement and enthusiasm within the people that I share it with.  I’ve got more fun, intelligent, exciting, talented women than I know what to do with who are eager to become part of the Fat Bottom Girls – my all-girl Queen cover band!  And lots more people who are eager to see our first show!

Which means that I’ve got to get some music arranged, I’ve got to set up some rehearsal times, I’ve got to find and book a performance venue, I’ve got to recruit a support team to help make it happen, and I’ve got to market it so we can have an audience!  Whew!  There’s no way I can do all that on my own (for starters, I know very little about arranging music, even though I’ve been playing it for more than 3/4 of my life).

Yet another project that got the BIG thumbs-up from Martin is a video blog / tv show where, as The Joy Diva, or possibly as Bubby Darling, or maybe even some other character(s) that I haven’t come up with yet, I talk about Joy and interview people about Joy.  I just set up a YouTube channel this evening, and I guess it’s time to get serious about this aspect of my blog that I’ve been wanting to do since I set it up back in October.  I’ve already got several people in mind that I want to interview – both in person and across Skype (if I can figure out how to make *that* work, record the conversations and import them into my blog and/or YouTube channel).

This coming year is the Year of the Dragon.  I’m a Dragon.  It’s my year, and I hope you’ll come along with me for the ride!