This has been a busy week for me.  I’ve been focusing on getting the house ready for a birthday / slumber party for BOTH of my girls this weekend, and I’m definitely in OVERWHELM mode right now.  Every evening has been booked with something that has me out of the house, and when I’m not home, nothing gets done.  Sigh…  Right now, I have 55 hours to get the place looking presentable, and I’m not really sure how that’s going to happen.

I think I mentioned my issues with laundry.  I think it must be genetic, because there are SO many clothes laying around my house, it’s just ridiculous.  Honestly, it’s a HUGE part of the clutter around here (although by no means all of it, sigh).  Part of this comes from the fact that my mother is addicted to thrift stores and garage sales.  Don’t get me wrong, I am INCREDIBLY thankful for that, because the only thing I hate as much as sorting, hanging, folding and putting away clothes once they’re washed is shopping for them in the first place.  My mom has provided probably 95% of the clothing my girls have ever worn, from the day they were born.

But you’d think that she was clothing the entire school, rather than just 2 girls.  I mean, how many pairs of jeans does a 10-year-old need?  And the 13-year-old wears a UNIFORM to school, for heaven’s sake, she does NOT need an entire wardrobe of non-uniform clothing.  So along with the Hurculean task of getting these piles of clothes washed, dried and put away, I’ve got to go through them to find out what doesn’t fit anymore, or what they just will NOT wear anymore (my oldest daughter seems to have developed an allergic reaction to anything pink, frilly or overtly girly, like skirts and dresses, and for a while, my youngest refused to wear anything that was a solid color, insisting that it had some sort of print or picture on it).

So I’m hoping to reduce my clothing mass by something like 30% – 50%.  I’ve got clothes piled in bins, and I’m taking them to a laundromat because there is just NO WAY my single aging washer and dryer is going to be able to do all the loads that need to be done in the allotted timeframe, even if I ran them non-stop (and a girl’s gotta sleep sometime)…  So far, I’ve got 4 bins full and sitting in my car, and at that rate, it looks like I might need 3 or even 4 laundromat trips.  I’m taking big plastic garbage bags with me so I can sort the “To Be Donated” clothing as it comes out of the dryer, and drop it off at Goodwill on my way back home.

Another major obstacle is shoes.  I had an over-the-door hanging shoe rack that holds 30 pairs of shoes, and I STILL had shoes left over (this was just for the girls, this doesn’t include my shoes, which are stored in my own room).  I think perhaps that’s too many shoes.  The rack never really got used consistently, and shoes inevitably got lost in the clutter of discarded clothing, so I’ve got a lot of unmated (and probably outgrown) shoes that need to be mated and discarded (donated if they’re in decent shape, like the soccer shoes).

And then there’s socks.  I know we all have lost sock woes (where DO they go???), but I’ve been hanging onto several bags and at least one sizeable bin of unmated socks for YEARS.  I think it’s time to give up on trying to mate them all, ditch the lot of them and start over with all new socks.

Perhaps I should chronicle my De-Cluttering experience on my shiny new video blog (a work still in progress).  I don’t know how interesting it will be, but it might help keep me motivated to continue this journey to a more simplified life.

Either way, I’m off on a laundry marathon.  If I’m not back in a week, send the dogs…