More than a year ago, I took a course on Hypnosis to Rewire the Brain for Stroke Survivors.  It was a fascinating workshop, taught by a Master Hypnotist who was himself a stroke survivor.  At the end of the course, naturally, he offered for sale his other products.  I had enjoyed the course that day, and bought some of his other courses on DVD.

One of those courses was on Stage Hypnosis, something I’ve been very interested in for quite some time.  I watched most of the DVDs and took notes, but never moved into action on anything.  But now, I’ve been re-watching the DVDs and taking more notes, and I have a plan to start doing stage shows in the near future.

One of the things I heard him say yesterday caught my ear, and I made a note of it so I could blog about it later.  He said that we were all CEOs, and asked if we knew what that meant.  Of course, everybody in the classroom nodded or raised their hands to indicate that of course they knew what a CEO is.  He said something like “not if you’re talking about hypnosis.”  CEO means Creative, Energetic and Optimistic.

I loved it!

I happened to hear that not too long after watching a TedX talk about happiness increasing productivity.  That put me in mind of a paradigm shift I’m still working on.  A few years ago, someone shared this with me: most of us go through our lives with a Do, Have, Be approach (for example, if I Do a certain thing that earns more money, I can Have more stuff, and then I can Be happy).  We’re taught from an early age that this is how the world works.

Except it doesn’t.  At least not very well.  Instead, if we can put Be first, then we can Have and Do.  That’s part of why I’ve created this blog / website, and why I’m trying to initiate an ongoing conversation with people about Joy and Happiness.  This is part of my Be.  There’s more to it than that, but I think it’s a really good place to start.