I’ve joined a new exercise group (called ATX20, hence the title).  It meets 3 times a week (although I can’t currently make it to the Tuesday evening meetings).  Last Saturday morning was our first meeting, and it was basically just an introduction.  We voted and agreed on a 9:30AM start time.  Thursday evening, I tried to go, I really did.  I left my moms house 45 minutes before the 5:30PM start time – I really thought that would be plenty of time to get there.

It wasn’t.

See, whenever it rains, Austinites seem to forget how to drive, and traffic was HORRIBLE.  I think I might actually be better off getting myself into good enough shape to ride my bicycle approximately 9 miles there and 9 miles back.  Maybe by the time the time change comes around, and we have longer daylight hours in the evenings, I can manage that…

So this morning was actually my first workout with the group.  We started with a 1-mile walk.  Then we did some drills (walk backward with your arms over your head, walk sideways, skip to the fire hydrant and back…).  We walked a second mile, and the trainer timed us on that one.  My time was 17:20.  He then challenged us to walk a third mile, and to try to take 2 minutes off our time.

I’m not sure how I manged it, but I actually jogged for part of that last mile, and somehow shaved 3 minutes off my previous time.

That was it for the day, and my legs feel a bit like jello, but I’m glad I’m starting this program.  I sort of know one other woman in the group, and I’m looking forward to getting to know other folks as we undertake this journey together.  Interestingly enough, this is considered “starting off slow” and there’s definitely a part of me that would rather stay on the couch than put myself through this much effort, but I know the benefits will be worth it.

I suppose I ought to take all my baselines – weight and measurements and such – so I’ll know when I’m making progress.  Maybe I’ll get my mom to help me with the measurement part the next time I see her…