Yes, yes, I admit it, I got caught up in the fantasy of winning the big Lottery Jackpot of $640 Million, just like hundreds of thousands, or probably more like millions of other people across the country.

What would I do if I won that kind of money?  First of all, before I even claimed the prize, I’d have a serious consultation with a financial consultant to figure out exactly HOW to go about doing this the smartest way possible.  And the most secret – I really don’t relish the thought of being hounded by the press or by thousands of my newest best friends once it becomes public knowledge of who won the biggest jackpot in history. 

I’d establish a firm budget before ever claiming the prize – how much I could spend up front, and how much I could spend in any given week, month or year.

Some initial purchases would definitely include a new house, a new car, a new wardrobe, a really fantastic vacation, and a fabulous party upon my return.  I’d endow my orchestra.  I’d donate to the American Cancer Society in memory of my father.  I’d like to start a Foundation to help educate and empower women.  I’d like to start a Foundation and get other investors to help build a state-of-the-art performance and recording venue in Austin, which has a thriving film community but not a thriving film music community – largely because there aren’t any recording studios large enough to accommodate a full orchestra, and make that venue available primarily for community and civic groups (like my orchestra).

After that initial spending spree, I’d stick to my budget (which, with that much money, would definitely be in the several tens of thousands per month range), and settle in to help with the Foundations, and just enjoy my life to the fullest.  I love throwing parties, so that would probably be a big feature in my monthly calendar.  I also love fine dining and attending concerts and travel, so those would certainly be on the menu as well.  Staying at home and watching movies on the couch with my girls would also be a regular occurrence.

I know there’s much more, and it would all be a huge adjustment.  I’ve just looked up the winning numbers online, but I haven’t looked at my tickets yet.  I know the odds that I’ve won the biggest jackpot in history are astronomical, and I want to preserve the fantasy just a little bit longer…