I woke up earlier than I wanted to this morning to get my youngest daughter to her soccer game by 7:45.  I grabbed a protein shake for breakfast before leaving the house.  Having exercised every day since setting my goal on Monday, I allowed myself to have coffee this morning, and committed to drinking extra water.  After the soccer game, I had to go to work, and made myself a sushi roll for lunch – with tuna, salmon, avocado, asparagus and spinach, and half the usual amount of rice.  For dinner, I had a hamburger that I grilled at home.  So far, I’ve drunk two liters of water today, and I’ve got about another liter to go.  Since I had coffee this morning, I opted not to have a glass of wine tonight.  I will, however, probably eat the Cadbury Cream Egg that I picked up at the grocery.

I haven’t done any exercise yet today – I was thinking of taking a walk in a few minutes, as it’s really quite a pleasant evening out there.

I did finally weigh myself this morning, so now I have a starting point of 157.4 pounds.  Losing 20 pounds will put me in a much more comfortable place.  I know my joints (especially my knees) will be much happier, I’ll be able to breathe easier, my heart will be in better condition, and I’ll look AND feel much better!  I’m not sure yet how often I’ll weigh – probably not every day, but likely more often than once a week.