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I had a meeting over coffee this morning, so I did have coffee for breakfast.  At work, I made myself a sushi roll for an early lunch.  In the evening, I had a big slice of pepperoni pizza for dinner.  I’ve drunk 2 liters of water, and I walked about a mile and a half tonight with my poles.  Not my best day, but by far not my worst…


Tough workout

I saw this workout posted somewhere yesterday and thought: that looks like a good workout, I think I’ll try it…

Ho-lee crap, y’all, I am OUT of shape!  I couldn’t get through 10 of any those exercises without taking a break, and I think I popped my hip in a very uncomfortable fashion on those Plank Knee Twists.  I’ve got a looooooong way to go before I look anywhere near as good as the woman in those photos.  But I can certainly feel it working out my arms and abs, so I think it’s a good workout to incorporate into my routine.

I had an Access Bar this morning, then did a 20 minute Pilates workout.  In spite of the fact that I hadn’t done one of those in a week, I do think I’m getting a little more flexible…  And this morning, I saw a workout on the internet that looks worth trying, so I might try that in the next day or two, as well.

I had a protein shake mid-morning, and some carrots and hummus for lunch.  Dinner wasn’t fantastic – Mac and Cheese with tuna.  I’ve had about 2/3 of my water so far, and I know that’s not going to be a problem.  I am probably going for a walk in a little while, too.

I’m pleased to find this morning that, while I didn’t lose any weight in the past week, I didn’t gain any, either.  For most of the week, I didn’t feel at all well, so I wasn’t sticking to my food and exercise plan very well.  I didn’t really eat badly, but I didn’t really eat particularly well, either.  And I didn’t exercise to speak of.  I did pretty well with water most days, but I did break some of my own rules, particularly with coffee.

This morning and this week will find me getting back on track with both food and exercise, starting with making sure I eat breakfast.  That shouldn’t be too difficult this morning, as I’m feeling pretty hungry right now…

This morning I forgot to get myself a protein shake for breakfast, so I just had a sushi roll when I got to work.  I had a protein shake for lunch instead.  Dinner was a delicious Indian food buffet, with lamb meatballs, tandoori chicken and a whole slew of lovely veggie dishes.  I drank about 2.5 liters of water today, and opted for a sweet lassi (sp?) with dinner.  I did have 3 small spoonfuls of the rice pudding for dessert, too.

Before dinner, I went kayaking – my arms feel nicely worked out now (and I know my abs got a bit of a workout, too)!

Although my self-imposed rules would have allowed me to have coffee this morning, I had just stepped on the scale, and was delighted to see it reading 154.2, which is 3.4 lbs less than it read *last* Saturday morning.  It seems that my reduced sugar intake is paying off!  I will still reserve the option to have coffee once on the weekend as long as I’ve exercised every day during the week, but I will likely not choose to do it every weekend…  Likewise, I’ll still allow myself to have a glass (or maybe two) of wine in an evening, but only if I’ve drunk my 2 liters of water for the day already, and probably no more than twice in a week.  I just don’t want or need those empty calories!

I’ve found myself really lusting over the VitaMix I saw being demonstrated (again) at Costco a few days ago.  I think all the different things you can make with it are just amazing (the guy made a “lime sorbet” with spinach, avocado and basil in it, for crying out loud, and it was fantastic!), and the whole family can eat much more healthfully…  I’ve seen their demos before, and I’ve wanted one for years (my sister has had hers for more than 10 years now, and still loves it), but I’ve just never made it a priority.  I’m still not making it a priority, as I’m saving all of my pennies for my Las Vegas trip.  But I checked on the VitaMix website, and they’ll be coming back to town in August for the Home and Garden show.  I think I can manage to save up enough by then!

This morning, I ate an Access bar and did 20 minutes of Pilates before going to work.  I meant to drink a protein shake when I was done with the Pilates, but I didn’t take the time to make it up before I headed out the door.  At work, I made a sushi roll for a late breakfast / early lunch.  In the evening, I stopped by Rudy’s for some tasty brisket, and I made myself 2 foldover sandwiches.  I did NOT drink any of the sweet tea I picked up.

Throughout the day, I have drunk 2 liters of water.  I’m considering going out for a walk again this evening, although I’ve had such a long day, I’m feeling kind of pooped.  If I do go walking, it will probably be more of a stroll than a brisk power walk…

I’m thinking of kayaking tomorrow evening, perhaps…


While I haven’t yet settled on a date (or, possibly, a pair of dates), I do believe I’ve got a venue lined up for my Stage Hypnosis Show.  My friend Brett, a pianist, has a Music Conservatory, and there is a nice performance space there, which seats up to 130 people.  While May is booked, there are dates available in June, and they’re giving me a *very* reasonable rental rate…

My primary decision right now is: do I just book a single date/time for 1 show, or shall I be optimistic and assume/hope that people might want a choice of dates and times?  If the latter, should I book a Friday night and Saturday night, or a Saturday night and Sunday afternoon?  If I book a Sunday afternoon, are people inclined to assume it’s a family-friendly show and bring their kids?  While it’s not necessarily designed to NOT be family-friendly, part of the excitement of a Stage Hypnosis show is that you NEVER know what’s going to come out of the mouths of the volunteers…

It’s becoming more real (and I’m gonna get to keep my glasses!)… *gulp*

I did end up walking with my walking poles around my block 4 times last night (1.6 miles).  I plan to do the same tonight.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and I’m glad to report that I have lost a little bit of weight – the scale read 156 lbs, for a loss of 1.4 lbs since I first weighed on Saturday.  If I’m going to meet my mid-June weigh-in goal of a 20 lb loss, I’m going to have to lose more than that in a week.  I think I’m going to have to increase the exercise, and get better about my not-so-good food days.

That being said, I had a protein shake for breakfast this morning, and a sushi roll for lunch with half brown rice, shrimp tempura and unagi (eel), avocado, tamago (egg), cream cheese and strawberries.  Yummy, and quite filling.  I’m about to have a protein shake for dinner, too.

I’m about 3/4 of the way through my 2 liter bottle of water.


My meeting with my coach today was a good one, I think.  She has spurred me into action, as I have been dragging my feet on really putting my plans into motion instead of just thinking about them and hoping for good outcomes.

I now have a deadline to have booked a venue, set a date and printed tickets to sell.  We are meeting again next Wed. morning, and I have been booked as a speaker at a Toast Masters group 2 days after that.  She asked me what consequence she could give me if I have NOT done all that I should by our next meeting.

She offered to shave my head (just when I got my haircut the way I like it!), or to kidnap one of my kids, but we settled on her being able to take my eyeglasses away and sell them on EBay so I’ll be forced to learn how to wear contact lenses (which I really don’t want to do)…

So now the hunt begins for a location.  I’ve got a friend who has a performance space at his Music Conservatory, and I think it would be a good location.  I’m trying to contact him to see if I can book his space.  I’ve got a couple other ideas, as well.

My coach recommended that I check out, and I might use that service, or I might just try to find some Avery templates at Office Depot, not sure yet…

6 more days – will I still be seeing clearly enough to blog about it next Wednesday night?

Today hasn’t been such a great food day.  I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch, really.  It was mid-afternoon before I had a protein shake.

I have managed to drink all 2 liters of water, and will probably drink another liter before bedtime.

I’m currently cooking a batch of chicken and vegetable potstickers for dinner.

I plan to walk around my block 4 or 5 times (1.6 – 2 miles) with my walking poles later tonight.

Tomorrow morning (if I remember), I’ll weigh again.