My meeting with my coach today was a good one, I think.  She has spurred me into action, as I have been dragging my feet on really putting my plans into motion instead of just thinking about them and hoping for good outcomes.

I now have a deadline to have booked a venue, set a date and printed tickets to sell.  We are meeting again next Wed. morning, and I have been booked as a speaker at a Toast Masters group 2 days after that.  She asked me what consequence she could give me if I have NOT done all that I should by our next meeting.

She offered to shave my head (just when I got my haircut the way I like it!), or to kidnap one of my kids, but we settled on her being able to take my eyeglasses away and sell them on EBay so I’ll be forced to learn how to wear contact lenses (which I really don’t want to do)…

So now the hunt begins for a location.  I’ve got a friend who has a performance space at his Music Conservatory, and I think it would be a good location.  I’m trying to contact him to see if I can book his space.  I’ve got a couple other ideas, as well.

My coach recommended that I check out, and I might use that service, or I might just try to find some Avery templates at Office Depot, not sure yet…

6 more days – will I still be seeing clearly enough to blog about it next Wednesday night?