This morning I forgot to get myself a protein shake for breakfast, so I just had a sushi roll when I got to work.  I had a protein shake for lunch instead.  Dinner was a delicious Indian food buffet, with lamb meatballs, tandoori chicken and a whole slew of lovely veggie dishes.  I drank about 2.5 liters of water today, and opted for a sweet lassi (sp?) with dinner.  I did have 3 small spoonfuls of the rice pudding for dessert, too.

Before dinner, I went kayaking – my arms feel nicely worked out now (and I know my abs got a bit of a workout, too)!

Although my self-imposed rules would have allowed me to have coffee this morning, I had just stepped on the scale, and was delighted to see it reading 154.2, which is 3.4 lbs less than it read *last* Saturday morning.  It seems that my reduced sugar intake is paying off!  I will still reserve the option to have coffee once on the weekend as long as I’ve exercised every day during the week, but I will likely not choose to do it every weekend…  Likewise, I’ll still allow myself to have a glass (or maybe two) of wine in an evening, but only if I’ve drunk my 2 liters of water for the day already, and probably no more than twice in a week.  I just don’t want or need those empty calories!

I’ve found myself really lusting over the VitaMix I saw being demonstrated (again) at Costco a few days ago.  I think all the different things you can make with it are just amazing (the guy made a “lime sorbet” with spinach, avocado and basil in it, for crying out loud, and it was fantastic!), and the whole family can eat much more healthfully…  I’ve seen their demos before, and I’ve wanted one for years (my sister has had hers for more than 10 years now, and still loves it), but I’ve just never made it a priority.  I’m still not making it a priority, as I’m saving all of my pennies for my Las Vegas trip.  But I checked on the VitaMix website, and they’ll be coming back to town in August for the Home and Garden show.  I think I can manage to save up enough by then!