I just watched a TED talk by Jane McGonigal, and it inspired me to start playing her game, Super Better.  One of my first quests is to write a journal entry about what I would change or rewire about my brain and why?

For me, I think I’d change my tendency to procrastinate, because I believe it’s held me back from a great many things in life.  I conveniently “forget” to do something, or I rationalize my way out of doing it, or I over-think and over-analyze it before even making an attempt.  In fact, I’ve had a sort of bookmark on a Draft post for this blog for nearly a year.  The topic of the post I wanted to write?  Procrastination…!

And, by playing this game (and, by extension, writing this post), I’m putting off going to the bank to make a deposit, going to the pet store to buy dog food, and going to the gym for my Monday workout.  So I’m going to wrap this up, get off my butt and go do the first 2 of those.  The gym will have to wait until later.