I love being a Mary Kay Consultant!  The products are great, I get to set my own hours, I love meeting and getting to know new women, and the compensation is really good!  What other company offers you a 50% commission on everything you sell???  Our meetings are always lots of fun, filled with helpful information, support and encouragement, and the company itself is just amazing.

I’ve caught the dream of going all the way to the top, too.  With the recent addition of my third Team Member, I’ve earned the right to wear the Red Jacket, the first step towards Leadership.  Next step will be earning the use of a free car – the Chevy Malibu is the first car I can earn as a Consultant.

After that, my goal is to become a Director – that will mean I’ve developed a team of at least 24 Consultants (at least 10 of them need to be my Personal Enrollees).  Only 2% of the Beauty Consultants worldwide become Directors, so it’s really quite an accomplishment.

I always thought the Pink Cadillac was part and parcel of being a Director, but it’s not.  Only about 3,000 Directors nationwide (out of about 18,000) are driving these distinctive cars.  Right now, though, I’m aiming for the Mustang!  I can wait on the Cadillac for a little longer, I think…

Eventually, I hope to develop enough new Directors to become a National Sales Director.  Let me tell you, those ladies really know how to PARTY!  They get to travel all over the world, and they have a GUARANTEED income for 15 years after retirement at age 65.  That’s a retirement plan I can believe in…

Obviously, I can’t do any of this by myself.  I’m looking for other women who want to have it all, and who are willing to work hard have a lot of parties and fun in order to get it!  Here are some of the reasons women choose to learn about the Mary Kay Opportunity:

  • Make Extra Money
  • Meet New Friends
  • Drive a Free Car
  • Make Your Own Schedule
  • Have Fun
  • Get the Recognition and Support You Deserve
  • Fabulous Prizes
  • Fabulous Vacations
  • Unlimited Opportunity for Advancement
  • Learn and Exercise Leadership Skills
  • Enrich Women’s Lives

If any of those resonate with you, I hope you’ll let me share the Opportunity with you.  I’ll only take about 20 minutes of your time, there’s absolutely no obligation, and even if it’s not for you, maybe you know someone for whom it would be PERFECT!  If you’re local, I’m happy to meet you in person and buy you a cup of coffee, and if we can’t meet for any reason, you’ll get a free lip gloss just for chatting with me…

Email: tanibk@marykay.com

Phone: 512-299-3525

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/CenteredInJoy