When I was 11 years old, I got the same tour that all the other students got at the 6th grade center: this is the choir room, this is the band room, and this is the orchestra room.  I was vaguely interested in the band room, but the instant I walked into the orchestra room, I fell in love.  I went home that day and when my Dad got home I told him I wanted to play the cello!  I will always be grateful for his support – he took me to the local music store that Saturday, and BOUGHT me a cello (most parents were renting – just in case), and signed me up for my very first private lesson THAT DAY.  For the next several years, he carted me and my cello all over town for lessons, rehearsals and concerts.

Today, all these years later, I’m still playing the cello.  I’m a proud member of both the Austin Civic Orchestra and the Temple Symphony, and I play with a few different small ensembles that play for weddings and similar gigs.  All of the musicians I work with have a great deal of experience and professionalism.

If you have a special occasion for which you’d like live music (we play just about anything from Bach to The Beatles and Beyond!), please don’t hesitate to ask about availability, rates and repertoire.